Getting started with the G007 Spy Camera

For Christmas of 2019 I purchased the G007 Spy Camera from Sir Gawain, both to tinker with and to impress upon my grand kids how small, discreet and pervasive surveillance has become. I enjoy reading the reviewer comments to get ideas on how others are using the G007. A gal posted in a review – […]

Distinct properties in Mule runtime environments

There’s several ways of propagating properties in Mule deployments based on the environment Mule is running in. Typically we find our projects having at least a Dev, Text and Prod environment, sometimes you may have more like Stage, Perf and others. The property approach follows the same pattern no matter how many differing environments you […]

Importing components into Mule

Bootstrapping component technologies into Mule can be accomplished using Spring beans. In the example below we demonstrates how to pull in Mule flows from a common component and changing the behavior of database caching to utilize C3P0. The import-resource XML stanza looks on the classpath for a resource named common-flows.xml. In our case, the common […]

API Health check

Micro service API’s need a way of providing liveness events to Clients and Gateway applications. Application frameworks such as Spring Boot provide mechanisms for enabling Health Check implementation automatically through the Actuator. In Mulesoft a simple mechanism like the one below can be added to a common layer and reused in your API’s. The Health […]